Circuit Training

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Circuit Training

Renegade Rows

Renegade Rows

Circuit Training strengthens core, back, chest, legs, arms & shoulders

Never Do the Same Workout

what you need to know about Circuit Training

Circuit training is a personalized form of exercise. It does not matter whether you are an athletic or a beginner, or have advanced training.

The circuit training workout is capable of modification to help you get the body shape you want. The improvement depends on your commitment.

Again, it is a matter of focus shifting in your circuit training to emphasize your skill development, agility, body and balance.

Time efficiency is a must for circuit training. There is no chance of time wastage in this case here. A very minimum gap.

Circuit Training - Great For Overall Conditioning

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance training, resistance training, and high-intensity aerobics.

main key features of Circuit Training

  • Body Conditioning
  • Endurance Training
  • Resistance Training
  • High Intensity Aerobics

Improve your body Composition

Combining strength and cardio to target overall body parts.

Circuit training causes a releases growth hormone in the body.

This is effective in causing favorable changes in body composition.

core workout
straighten your body
extreme cardio workout

Types of circuit training

Timed Circuit

This type of circuit involves working to a set time period for both rest and exercise intervals. 

Such as, 30 sec exercise,  30 sec rest.

Competition Circuit

Push yourself to see how many repetitions you can do in the set time period.

Such as,12 pushups in 30 secs.

Repetition Circuit

Great for working big muscle groups.

Such as, 20 reps of each exercise.

Sports Specific or Running Circuit

Normally done out doors, in a large open area.

Such as, 200 to 400 meter runs.

Circuit Training Kettlebells

hard work

Putting the consistent effort, or doing the 'hard yards' has it's rewards.

Amazing results

Once you have become consistent in your training regime, you will obtain the body you want!

fun and healthy

Most important that this training always has an element of fun, which in turn promotes health of mind, body and soul!

Choose Your Time to Do Circuit Training

Anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes is ideal for circuit training. Since you’re alternating which body part you’re working during each move, there’s no need to rest between exercises. (Just think: your arms get a break during squats, and your legs get a break during push-ups.) Example: One minute at five different stations.

Circuit Training Scissors
Circuit Training Scissors

Won’t Happen In One Day

don't give up with out trying

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