Exercise Explanations

  Note! See a health professional first if necessary

Bench Press

bench press

  • Start with the dumbbell in the upper position as shown in pic
  • Pull your shoulder blades back, as you slowly lower the weight to chest area.
  • Don't bounce weight off chest if using a barbell.
  • Once in the proper lower position for you push up the weight in a faster but smooth controlled movement to just before lock out and squeeze the chest muscles, repeat.

One Arm Rows

One arm rows

  • Focus on keeping the arm close to the body as you row the dumbbell up, squeeze at top and lower slowly to starting hanging position.

Shoulder Press

shoulder press

  • Standing or sitting this is one of the best execises for the shoulders. Holding the dumbbells at shoulder hight press them above the head to just before lock out.
  • Then lower the weight back to the starting position, remembering to always use a tempo of 3 sec up and about 4 secs down, (always slower on the negative phase of the movement).
  • Note if you have shoulder problems do not do this.

Bicep Curls



  • Standing and with dumbbells by the side facing each other curl up the weight, try rotating with palms facing up as you almost reach the top position and then squeeze the weight for a sec before lowering, repeat.



  • Ensure that you have your back in a flat and fixed position, no rounding.
  • Your knees are alway behind your toes.
  • As you squat ensure good form and just go down to where your thighs are parallel to floor.
  • You can put a bench behind you and just as thought you are sitting down to it is the technique.




  • These we do alternating with dumbbells.
  • Holding the dumbbell as seen in the pic, only the upper arm extends out.
  • Make sure to squeeze the triceps in the extended position.