Exercise Explanations

  Note! If you suffer from any back or knee problems do not do these exercises until safe. See a health professional



  • Ensure that you have your back in a flat and fixed position, no rounding.
  • Your knees are alway behind your toes.
  • As you squat ensure good form and just go down to where your thighs are parallel to floor.
  • You can put a bench behind you and just as thought you are sitting down to it is the technique.



  • Take a good step forward, it is the forward leg that bends parallel to foor and does all the work, the rear leg is basically a stabaliser.


  • As with Squats, no rounding of the back, when you come up to the straight position extend back just a bit and feel all you muscles in the upper body by actually tensing.

One Arm Row

One Arm Rows

  • Focus on keeping the arm close to the body as you row the dumbbell up, squeeze at top and lower slowly to starting hanging position.



  • Critical to this exercise slowly and under control, do not hyper extend in the upper position if you are not flexible enough, and do not do it if you have back problems.

Bent Over Rows

One arm rows

  • Bend over to a position that is just above horizontal, lock the back, no rounding and with elbows flaired out, row the dumbells up and then back down slowly and under control.