We the citizens of Earth and the Solar System we reside in Declare that:-

  • Only those entities and energies of Positive Vibration and higher Frequency will be given permission to occupy this planet Earth.
  • We the Citizen of Earth NOW take back our home and evict all negative energies, beings and entities that reside here.
  • By the Powers and Laws of the Universe Leave NOW!
  • Earth Gaia is a Frequency of Light that no longer allows lower, negative frequencies to inhabit the surface or indeed any region under the surface of the Planet.
  • All beings who do not vibrate a higher frequency of positive and loving energy for ALL – leave now – leave this planet in Peace!
  • This Declaration of Sovereignty for Planet Earth is complete.
  • Leave the waters of our Universe, for your presence here is no longer agreed upon.
  • This is The Galactic Federation of Light.

We Thank the Citizens of Earth for their Endurances throughout timelines of Planet Earth in it’s many forms.

We love you all and help release you from all the negativity you have had to endure.

We are sending you a new integrated Light energy for the purpose of your healing as a Global Nation.

We express gratitude for your high resolve in this Galactic matter and ask that you hold the light for short bursts and then send to the Earth to ground energy deep within your planet.

All negative frequencies, energies, beings and entities will move to another planet of existence to live out the destiny that has been set.

The planet will no longer carry energy that is not of pure source and will undergo a deep healing process and regenerate back to it’s original template it was created to be.

We, the Federation, ask you in getting this message of Deceleration out and to transmute all negative, thought forms, emotions and energies, back to Source for healing and integration of your DNA codes.

We serve the greater good and aid the citizens of Earth at this time in history, as it was meant to be.

Send your own declarations out now – For it is time.

The Galactic Federation & First Contact Ground Crew Team.

Love Has WON!

By ppawd2

Promoting Peace and Well Being Daily

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