Instructions on Bench Press

lie down on a bench or floor if don’t have a bench, face up called the supine position, and with a dumbbell in each hand start from the lower chest position.

Ensure that the elbows are pulled back pulling your shoulder blades back.

Next lower the dumbbells back to start position and repeat this for a total of 10 repetitions (10 times), now the tempo is also important so you can use 2 seconds up and 4 seconds down, reason we go slower in lowering or eccentric phase is because we are stronger in lowering the weight than pressing it up, this slower motion recruits more muscle fibers which in turn make one stronger over time.

Now press up but do not lock out, just before that position as otherwise it will put a lot of pressure on the elbow joints.
Tip: Exhale as you press up and inhale as you lower the weight to chest..
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