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The Magic of Watercolor Painting

  • The magic of watercolor painting, so rewarding and so much can be achieved with just a few colors and imagination.
  • So much fun and enjoyment to create your own, ‘work of art’, well,  it does not matter what anyone may think!
  • You may be amazed and what you can create even if it’s slap dash as I have done! Now been a few months.
  • I mean who would have thought! It seems like a journey this whole aspect of my life in the last 12 months.
  • I started doing the web site, started doing art, this magic of watercolor painting, and so many other things, I hope to given inspiration to all.
  • You know it’s never too late to start doing what you want, you are capable of doing anything the power is within you.
  • We all have free will and no one nor anything should be allowed to take that away from us, so start doing now what your heart desires.
  • We are all amazing souls, never forget that, you have an incredible ability to not only create what you wish but be the most you can be.
  • Finally, let me say all you need is LOVE, LOVE is all you need!

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The magic of Watercolor

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