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So what is this website all about? Click each of the circular graphics above for more information.

There are three major areas in the site and they are Training, nutrition and wellbeing. Basically just about information, links and me having fun at my own leisure.

If this site can help some one, any one in a positive way then this is great, I want no business, no money and it’s okay with what ever traffic comes onto the site.

I have received numerous emails on businesses offering to bring lots of traffic to the site etc.

I appreciate all that are genuine but sorry that I don’t respond as none of that interests me.

So this is the main reason for this post. Of course there are lots of other interesting things music a bit and other bits and pieces.

Well that’s about it. Let me say to  you love life and live it fully in the moment. Be kind, gentle and above all loving to all and everything.

To all the business out there, please don’t waste your time sending me emails about how you can improve my visitors or get rid of toxic links and so on. 

You see in the near future I will just start again with a new site just from scratch, I will have fun and nothing else really bothers me.

By ppawd2

Promoting Peace and Well Being Daily

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