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Home Grown Food - Saves Money - Tastes Better

The taste of you home grown food and cooked with love by you hand is second to none!

Home grown vegetables

Home Grown

So colorful and healthy, makes one feel amazing, and home grown, well, they taste so good.

Home grown color organic gardening

A handful

Collect a handful everyday, and for sure this will keep the doctor away.

The Home Garden

The Home Garden

Home gardening can be so much fun and is so rewarding, and a good form of exercise too!

Cooking up home grown foods

Home Stir-fry

Stir-fry some of those lovely freshly picked home grown food, add other ingredients that you like and enjoy a wonderful home grown and home cooked meal.

Home grown and cooked


A nice presentation with fresh home cooked food makes your guests 'water at the mouth'.

Whilst many people do not have a large area, especially if one lives in units or the like, well pots really do work well, provided you have a position that get enough sunlight each day.

The Beauty of growing in pots is that one can move them around quite easily.

As you can see from the home garden pages on the site it’s quite easy to grow salad type foods and much more.

  1. Choosing Your Containers. You can grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in just about any container as long as it has adequate drainage.
  2. Buying or Making Potting Soil. Since adequate drainage is crucial to your plants’ health, you can help them grow better by potting them in a porous planting mixture.
  3. Deciding Between Seeds & Starter Plants. You can begin your container garden with either seeds or small starter plants. Each has advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Potting Your Plants. There are a few things you should know before transplanting your seedlings or starter plants into larger containers for the growing season.
  5. Deciding Where to Put Your Containers. One of the benefits of growing your food in containers is the ease with which you can move them around according to their size.

Some good web site links to get you started:-

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