The Majestic Turtle

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Nature at it’s best: :Love it and respect all creatures

Online Training & Physical Training Posts

Online Training

Become the best version of yourself Online free workout routines.  Download workout plans for any goal and experience level. Get Started The power of Online training 01 Created by Expert Trainers There is so much experience in the fitness and training industry to help create a healthy and functional body! 02 Unlimited Access With free […]

Balance is key

Balance Is Key

Balance Is Key Balance of Mind Body and Spirit is the key to achieving, peace, love and happiness. How do we achieve this balance? Engage in activities that are healthy and beneficial to you and that add meaning to your life.  Start or continue a hobby, find meaningful work, take care of your body, and […]

Courtyard Gardening

Courtyard Gardening

Courtyard Plants & Vegetables First, it’s important to do research into the produce you’re interested in growing on your balcony. Find out how much space the vegetables need to flourish, and plan according to the size of your balcony or courtyard. >> Companion Planting works Healthy Plants Growing plants and vegetables in a courtyard is […]

Now is a great time to get that diet going go for the colors of the Rainbow!

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