The 5th Dimension

The Pirate of Love

About This Site

This site is really about many things! I guess above all we need to understand that we are all connected, and not separate as we have always been lead to believe! 

In other words, just like Jesus tried to teach whilst on Earth, about unconditional love;  Doing unto others as you would do to yourself. 

You don’t have to follow religion but follow your heart in truth, love and caring for your fellow man and our beloved Earth above all.

We don’t need hate, we don’t need wars, we don’t need all the rubbish we eat, drink and do. 

We need to start living in higher states of consciousness and reclaim our true power that each and everyone of us has. 

He said, “as you believe and so it shall be done unto you!” 

Well! Start believing in your self now! Then watch a whole new world open before your very eyes.

Above all recover your own power, freedom and soverignty.

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