Intermittent Fasting & AutohPagy

Form the Man – Siim –
Hey, How does self-eating sound like? You might be interested in doing intermittent fasting for fat loss, fixing some health problems or just convenience. I know I am… But the BEST THING about fasting is this thing called AUTOPHAGY Autophagy is the process of cell recycling that eliminates and breaks down old cellular material.

It has many anti-aging benefits. Research has shown that consuming fewer calories may prolong your lifespan. HOWEVER, to get the lifespan-prolonging benefits of caloric restriction you need autophagy. This is a critical point… If you’re trying to do intermittent fasting or a calorie restrictive diet but you’re not activating and optimizing autophagy, then you’re potentially wasting your time. Do you want to suffer and starve for nothing? Without even getting the claimed benefits of fasting? Me neither…

Therefore, the focus shouldn’t be on solely fasting but to optimize autophagy and it’s other parallel pathways. That’s why I decided to write Metabolic Autophagy – to give you a guide to activating autophagy and optimizing it for best results. There’s a lot of confusion and misconceptions about fasting and autophagy because we’re still learning how it works. You can get a FREE paperback copy of Metabolic Autophagy.

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