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The Early Riser

Waking up Early Lowers the risk of Depression

How you can become a morning person and the see the difference.
Waking up early lowers the risk of depression – how you can become a morning person and the benefits you’ll feel. Waking up just one hour earlier reduces your risk of major depression by 23 per cent, according to a study of 840,000 people by three US universities. Try waking up at the same time for two weeks, keep the alarm away from your bed so you’re forced to get up, and expose yourself to bright light when you wake up. The genetic study of 840,000 people, by the University of Colorado Boulder, the Broad Institute at MIT and the University of Harvard in the United States, found that waking just one hour earlier – but getting the same amount of sleep – reduces your risk of major depression by 23 per cent. Waking up two hours earlier seems to increase this benefit, according to the researchers. Their findings were published in May in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

Well it’s really a matter of just conditioning and having a system or plan, for example, you can start off by getting up say half an hour earlier and then perhaps increase this to say an hour or so. You might start off having a class of water with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice and even a cup of your favorite brew, I love a back coffee.
You might go for a walk or do some other form of exercise and then have some breakfast unless you do something like Intermittent fasting, anyway try it and wow! you will feel great.

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    1. Yes it is true as I have been rising early for many years and have always felt mentally and physically better for it.

      Cheers stay safe and well.

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