Bohemian Rhapsody Music in Lockdown

Fantastically Done Bohemian Rhapsody

With all that is happening around the world at this time, here is something that has been put together no only very cleverly but the music, lyrics and acting is very, very well done in this rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody Music

A friend sent me this and it was just so refreshing and funny to listen to this great music. I have always been a fan of Queen and I recon that Freddy would be looking on an smiling and singing along himself.

Please feel free to share as I am sure that the folks who put this together and posted in on YouTube would be only too happy for all the world to hear this great music.

Well enjoy Coronavirus Bohemian Rhapsody – Lockdown Music Video

If you have any great music then send the links to, more music can be found on site at the music page click on the link below:-

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