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Music - Stuff of the Soul

Free yourself and sour high with music

Free Your Self with music

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Good for health

♥ Regulates Mood
♥ Contributes to Well-Being
♥ Helps Relieve Stress
♥ Improves Pain Tolerance
♥ Improves Sleep Quality

Connects us

♫ Bonds via release of endorphins.
♫ Creates sense of group identity.
♫ Rhythm promotes social cohesion.
♫ Increased co-operation with others.
♫ Strengthens our empathy.

Music is soul

Sour higher, life is not about limits, it is about new horizons, creativity and imagination.

Music makes the world go around
The Turntable vinyl record

Free Yourself with Music

Music and the Soul.  Because of its deep connections with the brain, is intrinsically meaningful to humanity as a race. 

We thrive off it. It drives our actions and emotions, and its influence on our brains creates a sense of unity with music that few other art forms can provide.

There is plenty of evidence to show that music therapy used in health care settings can help calm patients. And given that there are no negative side effects.

Also music has some positive effects on pain, mood, quality of life, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure.


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