The Turntable vinyl recordThe Turntable vinyl record

Listen to the music within and you will be free

Feeling down, is it all getting to much! Listen to some of the great music being added here.

Guaranteed to make you feel better, soul ‘stuff’.

Yeh! baby! just enjoy and if you want send some links to us to add, only too happy to do so.

For united we stand,  what better way to do that,  than share all we can that gives us inspiration and hope and keeps our vibes high.

So ‘come on home! You don’t have to be alone’ a real great song amongst others.

John Lennon really was way ahead of his time and he knew so well how it should be in his great song, ‘Imagine’.

In love and light everyone, love is what we need to keep all our vibrations high at this time in our world!

You be the light and shine bright for all to see, sing and dance and love, love.

‘If I could see the world, through the eyes of a child’ man now that is something, we adults could all learn so much.

By ppawd2

Promoting Peace and Well Being Daily

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