Courtyard GardeningCourtyard Gardening

Courtyard Plants & Vegetables

First, it’s important to do research into the produce you’re interested in growing on your balcony. Find out how much space the vegetables need to flourish, and plan according to the size of your balcony or courtyard.

Courtyard Gardening

Growing plants and vegetables in a courtyard is not as difficult as one may think.

A balcony can be so much more than just a small spot to sit and enjoy your morning coffee.

Sure, you may have spruced yours up with a pot plant or two, but if you’re an apartment dweller without a backyard, then you may be missing your only opportunity to grow produce at home.


  1. Tomatoes Yes we know they’re technically a fruit, but these juicy little gems are perhaps one of the easiest to grow…
  2. Radishes “This vegetable is perfect for your outdoor balcony garden as they grow to maturity in around four weeks,…
  3. Spinach Spinach is another super easy, fuss-free vegetable to grow on your balcony. “The leaves only require a pot…
  4. Carrots If your apartment is positioned in a cooler pocket, then carrots may be the perfect veggie for you. “Carrots…
  5. Chillies
Courtyard Gardening

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There is so much fun in growing your own herbs, and greens in limited spaces.

They are so healthy for you especially if grown organically.

Why not have a go, it really is not as difficult as one may think,

Because if at first you fail so what, try again learn and become a great courtyard gardener.

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