Balance is keyBalance is key

Balance Is Key

Balance of Mind Body and Spirit is the key to achieving, peace, love and happiness.

How do we achieve this balance? Engage in activities that are healthy and beneficial to you and that add meaning to your life. 

Start or continue a hobby, find meaningful work, take care of your body, and cope with daily stress. 

Above all, make time for people and activities that are meaningful to you. Enjoy time with family and friends and find meaningful ways to connect to those you love.

Your overall health is determined by the collective well-being of all the four components:

mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

Since we have already understood the relationship in 3s, see video above there’s nothing unique that will define the relationship of all the 4 exclusively.

The theories might define the connection of the components in different pairs but the crux and basic definition of each remains the same.

That is, the spirit is divine, the soul is the individualistic essence of being and your body is temporary. The only point of difference lies with the mind. 

Some believe that the mind and soul are the same, while others treat it as a separate entity.

How to balance Mind body soul spirit

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