Shrimp and sausagesShrimp and sausages

Home Made Food - Saves Money - Gives Health

The taste of you home grown food and cooked with love by you hand is second to none!

An Italian Cooking Course in Tuscany

The Food We Eat

Home Made Pizza

A baked Pizza made by fresh ingredients, and especially if most are home grown, well now that's Amore!

Plate of Pasts

Home Made Pasta

A beautiful pasta dish, add your favorite ingredients, a few olives if you like, some grated cheese on top, a glass of red, well! that is so good!


Home Made Eggs & Salad

A great breakfast of eggs, cheese, salad fresh from the garden, olives, all on Dark Rye Sourdough bread with avocado and herbs and spices.

Great home grill

Home Grill

Grill some fish, or your favorite foods and garnish with herbs such as Rosemarie or Thyme.

Salmon fresh


A nice presentation with fresh home cooked food makes your guests 'water at the mouth'.

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