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Power lies in our own self transformation that affects all of life.

  • Think energy, frequency and vibration and transcend time and space all-together.

  • We are currently in a major planetary shift in consciousness and we have to transcend these past concepts of linear time and separateness, to assist this epic shift.

  • We need to keep flowing with whatever arises to stay in the flow, in the ‘NOW’ time where everything becomes possible!

  • Non attachment to anything or any outcome are the key!

  • Tuning into the higher dimensional layers of reality and merge them within our morphogenetic fields, merging our physical, mental, casual, emotional and spiritual bodies, unified all within.

    NB! Keep the connection to your own inner wisdom, intuition and knowing above all else.

  • No matter what logic says -The higher heart and mind knows best.

  • We have to forget for the most part all we have learned and go beyond that which we think or have been taught is possible!!

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