The MatrixThe Matrix

The Matrix The Illusion

The Matrix, our illusion of our 3rd dimensional world! What! Are you crazy! A conspiracy theorist!

The Matrix it was just a movie series! Was it really only just that? Perhaps there maybe more to this than meets the eye! Haha! Now you have really lost it! You say!

Right now on our planet there is, whether you are aware of it or not a huge number in the millions of humans who are beginning to awaken! Awaken to what?

Well, you see, people are starting to realize that something is not ‘right’ with all that is occurring around the globe.

Those in power are either being manipulated, controlled by some higher order.

The fact is that we were born with FREE WILL and nothing or no one should be able to take that away from us ever.

Think about it! When we are upset with someone we create negative feelings and our vibration levels go down.

This is our 3 Dimensional level of consciousness, one of duality, separateness, our ego.

Through meditation and other techniques we come to realize that really there is no separation, everything is part of a whole.

You see you are much more than just your physical vessel, so much more.

We are all multidimensional beings having a human experience, believe it or not!

John Lennon said it all well in his song ‘Imagine’, no wars, no hunger, no hate but just love, joy and bliss.

Rubbish! You say, that’s okay but mark my words one day we will all sooner or later know the truth which will set us free!

The Matrix - Never forget this!

We are the creators

We create our own reality by what we feel and put our energy + consciousness levels to.

Jeshua (Jesus), said, “As you believe so shall it be done to you”, “Love one another as you do your self.”

At this time in our history we can begin to understand what the great master was teaching in those times.

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Conserved Quantity

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed. 


Thoughts etc..

Vibration is made up of Your Thoughts + Your Feelings + Your Intentions + Your Actions, and Desires.


Body Frequency

A normal, healthy body should resonate with a natural frequency of 65 – 75M Hz

The Matrix


The cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops.

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