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Today’s topic is on being:-

A Detached Observer

When you are heading into one of those moments and we can all sense when these are about to occur:-

At this time say to your self- “I intend to only observe in this moment, I choose not to react, but watch, listen and observe.”

Then when the moment arises, you must focus only observing it, this means listening carefully to all involved, paying close attention to the tone of their voices, body language and what they are communicating, observe what feelings are involved for all parties. Observe what feelings and thoughts arise within yourself.

Fine to have feelings and thoughts but one must stay detached from them. This is especially important as you must only observe and not react to them as once you react you are no longer the observer, one must stay neutral at all times. This will allow you to gather all the required information and you will then know how to proceed. You will know if the person or persons have your best interest and so on at heart.




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