Drop your defences have joyDrop your defences have joy

Message for all of us

Drop Your defences

Drop your defences, by taking a deep breath and relax into your deeper truth.

Laugh Lots!


We need to laugh!

    Have Joy


    We need to enjoy!



      Life Offers Variety

        Drop your defences, we need to laugh!

        We need to enjoy the variety that life offers and choose from it what we like and wish to create!

        Listen to your inner God given compass and do what feels ‘right’ to you.

        Never were we intended to be at offs with one another!

        There is no need to fight over vaccines, viruses, variants or a variety of other topics.

        Love is what we need! Not to argue or defend our right to be!

        Our choices need no defences nor justifications!

        Simply say to oneself:-  

        I give myself permission to be me, I give myself permission to listen to my own inner compass.

        I give myself permission to choose the vibrations that I want to call into my life and to be the beautiful soul, God made me to be!

        Being the light within I give this light the permission to guide me, guard me and live joyously within me.

        Grant myself the right to be me.

        Drop your defences by giving Thanks


        It’s true at the moment many feel that their freedoms are being taken away,  and to a certain degree, temporarily there are many 3D restrictions.

        However, in the 5D Dimensional understanding of reality, one is always eternally free!

        For example, suppose one does not want the ‘jab’ but is required to have it to maintain their job and so on!

        One always has a choice, you want employment, to be well and don’t want anything you do not resonate with. What to do?

        In our 3D reality it may seem we have less than desirable choices!

        Drop Your Defences - in 5D there is one potential choice


        One can manifest what one wants, such as a new job, and anything required by how you focus on this!  Attuning to the vibration of what you want.

        Or you can choose to have the ‘jab’ to see it going light into light, intending strongly that you will take in only those frequencies that support your well being and simply releasing the rest.

        This requires a willingness to attune to the vibration of what you want.

        Always attune your vibrations to what you want to attain 5D freedom.

        You are who you are and there is never any reason to justify your point of view.

        Say daily, ‘ I am free to be me. ‘

        When you catch your self defending a choice or action or being defensive, in a conversation, Stop! Tell yourself; ‘This is my choice and this is okay! This is my perspective and this is okay! ‘

        ‘ I know what is right for me and I trust you know what is right for you! ‘

        Defences and justifications come from insecurity.

        True power comes from choosing to accept yourself.

        If your choice and beliefs do not make you happy, choose new ones! 

        Who you are right now is supporting your growth and expansion –  Never a need to defend ones choices, perspectives, beliefs or opinions.

        By ppawd2

        Promoting Peace and Well Being Daily

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