Fitness Site And Pages

Fitness Site And Pages

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Having trouble getting into a home workout?

We have so many links to great sites and lots of programs to get you going.

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Fitness requires commitment and consistency.

Incorporating a good diet is imperative.

 physical fitness is “one’s ability to execute daily activities optimally with endurance, and strength managing disease, fatigue, stress and reduced sedentary behavior.”

Our Nutrition and Food pages on this site have lots great information videos and many links to choose from.

Check out the menu items ‘Food’ and ‘Nutrition’.

Fitness Site And Pages

Signs one is physically fit:-

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • How flexible one is
  • Strength of one’s core
  • How far can you run/walk
  • Daily habits
  • Muscular Strength
  • Sleeping Habits
  • Resting Pulse Rate
  • BMI / Body Fat Tests
  • Nutrition

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