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Love Will Set Us Free

Let's Love One Another

◘ Now like never before we must unite in love.

◘ Forgive our selves and one another.

◘ Have compassion and respect all of the life on this planet.

Love is respect, it is the light that shines within and without us all.

◘ Love will set us free once we let go of all the noise and listen to our heart.

◘ All the answers are there if one can only open their hearts and look within.

◘ Always keep your vibrations high no matter what is happening on the outside.

◘ We can create our own wonderful state of being! If only we can believe.

◘ Practice being positive always, and let go of negativity.

◘ The time is coming when we will all love unconditionally.

◘ We are definitely heading from a third dimension state of consciousness,

 To fourth dimension state of consciousness.   

Love Will Set Us Free

  • Your light
  • Bright
  • And Positive

You are, we are the creators of our reality!

We have the choice of how we act and react to each and every situation!

Each and every moment, with each and every thought and action we reap what we sow!

So sow Love, Peace and Harmony with each and every breath!

Be the light to guide others who are in darkness! Remembering always, everyone is on their own path.

Everyone has free will to accept what they want, so don’t force anything on anyone!

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