Our Mission And JourneyOur Mission And Journey

Our Mission and Journey Now It's Time

Our Mission and Journey what is that all about? Well you see, we were not just born to be all that we have been taught that we are!

No! We are so much more than we have been led to believe, in fact we are multi dimensional beings having a human experience as it has been said!

Because we have been sort of just accepting our fate for eons, ‘others’ have been profiting from our ignorance is perhaps one way of putting it.

Now! With all that has been happening around the Globe many are starting to ask questions that have never really been addressed before, we are ‘waking up’ that something is really not right!

This post is not about telling you what you need to do, think or act, no that is up to each and everyone of us, for we do have free choice in every action, and thought.

Basically, we all as a human collective consciousness, need to vibrate at a level that will enable us to transcend to the 4th Density or 5th Dimension.

To do this if one want to, as we have free will, requires that us to work on controlling our ego which keeps us in this illusion complex of the 3rd Dimension.

We do need to learn to open our hearts, and have love, compassion, forgiveness and respect for all living things.

This of course is not an easy task, and if one is happy to stay where you are all is fine, just keep going as you are and continue your journey in the 3rd Dimension illusion.

However, if one is now on the ‘awakened’ state and has started the ‘walk’ then we must practice to keep or energies high as often as possible and learn unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion for all, yes even those who do ‘bad’ things.



Our Mission and Journey

Connect to your higher self

Your Higher Self is the ‘you’ that is unlimited and eternal. It’s the part of you that excites you with inspiration, guides you with intuition, and teaches you through insight. Your intentions, desires, and your secrets are well-known to your Higher Self. You know everything about you.

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Sign that one is entering the 5th Dimension

  1. Daily life will be bubbling frequently with sensations of gratitude, joy, lightness, love, and wonder.
  2. Heavy negative issues you’re carrying will release easier and move through you more quickly.
  3. You will physically experience the world as being more beautiful with your senses. Colors and so on will be so vibrant…

Meditation & Breathing

Meditating and breathing mindfully also calms your nervous system, improves your mood, and brings about greater feelings of peace—all high-vibe qualities that will benefit your state of being. This spiritual practice helps to raise your vibration level fast so that you can enjoy those benefits without delay.

The Here and Now - Our Mission and journey, Let's get Physical and meditate

The Arrival of the New Age

Taking the steps from our 3rd Dimension illusion to the new earth 5th Dimension reality is our birth right, but only when you are ready.
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Our Mission And Journey

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