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physcial Training posts

Some of our physical training posts that may be of interest to you, showing tips and so on. You can always do a search using the main search icon in the main site menu. 

The physical training page also has lots of links to sites our database and lots of other information. 

Please feel free to send us your web site links if you wish to put them on our site or alternative you can just like some of the posts and we will progressively add them.

Keep healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit.

physcial Training Types

Home Training

$ Var Beginners - Advanced
  • No gym fees
  • No travel
  • Work out your leasure
  • Add equipment over time

Gym Training

$ Var Beginners - Advanced
  • Full Access To The Gym
  • One Year Subscription
  • Personal Trainers
  • Nutrition Advice

Outdoor Training

$ Var Boot camps etc.
  • Park Equipment
  • Boot camp classes
  • Walking, Jogging, running
  • Always get check up

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