Maximum Muscle Fiber RecruitmentMaximum Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Full Extension, Maximum contraction For Muscle Stimulation

2nd Half-rep


  • Movements
  • Slower
  • Full extension

Tempo is slower on the eccentric or negative phase of the rep.

1st half-rep


  • Faster
  • Movements
  • Full contraction

Tempo is faster than negative phase of rep, for example 3 secs.


Fiber Recruitment
  • Max Fibers used

Using as many of your muscle fibers all at once to apply force in the same direction.

Muscle fibers are binary meaning that they either contract/fire or they don’t – there’s no such thing as a partial contraction, or partial firing. Thus, the most important factors in determining power output are the types of muscle fibers you fire and the number of motor units used.


Doing full range movements, with slower negatives and full hard contraction at end of the positive phase of a repetition can go a long way to recruiting more muscle fibers and breaking down tissue. 

With rest / recuperation and proper nutrition muscle growth will take place.

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