Strength Training To Failure

All About Your Training

All about your training is about what you put out and what you put in!

In other words, are you consistent ?

How are you training ?

What is your nutrition like?

What do you eat, when and how much?

All these questions just confuse us no end!

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All about training is really much more than just exercise and nutrition…

It’s about our mind, body and soul connection…

This balance of mind, body and soul is imperative to overall  health…

We must strive to achieve this balance! This is the secret for no disease. 


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All about your training is absolutely about you! Not someone else! You may like to walk not swim; cycle not do weights!

At the end of the day what matters is doing what you enjoy.

Be consistent, be aware of your actions, thoughts and emotions and your life will change for the better.

Finally, to wrap up do some exercise daily, improve your diet and try to help someone feel better when you can.

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