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Good Food Good health

Eat Well Feel Good Live Life

“Eat to live! Not live to eat!” Most of us have heard this before, yet here we are!





Well Cooked..


Well Baked..

There is so much great healthy food avaiable! Oh! Yet not for everyone, many in our world go without, day after day.

Eat well feel-good live life, just words if one cannot get healthy good food!

Yet, we suffer from being overweight, full of diseases, depression just to name a few, and we are the lucky ones who have abundance.

For how on earth can we even begin to help others in need if we cannot even help ourselves!

Yet it seems that helping others can indeed be quite beneficial to us.


Eat Well Feel Good Live Life

Okay so now we can start! We know that helping others goes hand in hand with helping ourselves!

Lets start with nutrition:- 

It has been said, ‘You are what you Eat!’

True one can not expect to be fit trim and healthy with nutrition that does very little to promote this.

So I don’t need to give another lecture on nutrition and what you should eat, there are plenty of web sites and information available for one to read and apply.

Yet as most of us know who have been there it’s not that simple! Or is it?

You see in the end it is really about our own selves, our attitude, our discipline and what we really want out of life.

Next we need to exercise:- 

What sort of exercise? Well any movement of our physical body is always good!

If you are strarting any sort of exercise it really is important to get clearance first if you have not been active for a while no matter what age one is.

So again I am not here to tell you what is the best exercise to do and so on.




Finally we need motivation and willingness to be healthy:-

This is where our mind comes into play! You just can not expect to implement a healthy lifestyle once in  a while or when you feel like it!

If one is serious about changing their lives to have health, wellbeing and love of life then it must slowly but surly become a way of life.

In the end it’s all about vibrations, positive good vibrations are a must.

By ppawd2

Promoting Peace and Well Being Daily

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