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Positive vibrations, yes that is what we need at this time! There is enough negativity all around us in our world right now.

It would be an honor to put some positive sayings or short stories that we can share with everyone, to keep a positive outlook and high vibrations, so please feel free to email as many as you like to ppawd2@gmail.com

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So shall we begin!

Imagine the side of rocky cliff, overlooking the sea. Now at this time there is very bad weather and very rough seas, very heavy rain and extremely strong wind.

Well in this part of the world it is cyclone season and there is one looming at the moment.

It is casing such very strong winds and rain and high rough seas hitting onto the side of this cliff we are imagining.

Upon closer inspection we notice that there is a tiny, small sort of cave up very high on the cliff side and there sits a mother bird with her new born chicks.

With all the ‘madness’ going on around her she is fiercely guarding her chicks, keeping positive and feeling that all will be good, and in time it was and all the bird family survived.

The moral of this story my friends is to keep focused on love, peace, and positive outlook for all is good despite what seems to be happening all around us!

Birds with positive vibrations

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