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Thank you from me

Amid the 'madness' and 'chaos'

Are we able to! Can we give thanks at this time?

It may be extremely hard to say thank you, as many people on our planet are really doing it tough at this time! Our thoughts and hearts go out to you all! 

Keep positive, keep strong as you can and know that ‘United we stand but Divided we Fall’ has never been more relevant than at this time in our history!

We must care for all of us! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for we are all connected, whether you believe this or not!

But not just care for all of us but for everything that makes up our beautiful planet which is the envy of all in the Galaxy and is referred to the magnificent Blue Planet, so it starts with each one of us!

What can we do every day to add positive vibrations despite what we may be going through? Giving a thank you in spite of it all may just make a daily difference anyway!

I know it ain’t easy for many folks but we can all get through this, if we believe for it too will pass, and one day we will all be ‘free’ and live in harmony and peace, mark my words.

Get the fresh perspective

What is a perspective? A perspective is just a particular way of looking at things. Your perspective is influenced by your beliefs and experiences — everything you’ve been through, everything you’ve been taught, everything you’ve observed.

If you think about it, reality is only your reality. You are the only one who sees the world exactly as you do. That’s because you are the only one who has lived your life. We bring all that stuff into how we view the world around us.

But we have the power to change our perspective. Shifting how we view the world can be so very powerful.

Explore new areas

1. Ask, “Why?”
2. Take a different route home.
3. Open your eyes.
4. Order something different from the menu.
5. Move.
6.Travel if you can!
7. Explore your hometown if you can!
8. Get physical See our Training Pages
9. Change your work environment!
10. Change your schedule.
11. Read an Inspirational book.
12. Check that one nagging item off your to-do list.
13. Read material with which you don’t agree! To open your mind!
14. Educate yourself on a topic you don’t know much about.
15. Have an out-of-body experience! Haha just view your life from an outsider's perspective.
16. Be grateful.
17. Ask, “What if…?”
18. Listen to a new podcast. See our right hand menu under the Blog Stats!
19. Take a break
20. Regularly ask for feedback.
21. Clear out the clutter.
22. look outside your own circle.
23. Be still.
24. Get out of your comfort zone.
25. Listen...

Ground Your Self - In the Now!

Get out to nature, fresh air, breath in that good Prana, stay focused in the moment, feel the power of the universe within you, without you, above you and below you.

What are you waiting for?

Do it now! You have a power deep within that you can tap into if only you will believe! If only you will believe!


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