United We Stand Divided We Fall

United We Stand & Divided We Fall

United we stand and divided we fall. Some thing that has been echoed down through our history.

Yet how little we understood the concept!

What they did not tell us is that, united means not just a group, country or the like.

No united as one means all of us Humanity!

No Division

United We Stand

They want us separated:-

The vaccinated vs The unvaccinated!!!!

It’s a choice, we still all bleed red!

We must not hate, judge nor condemn one another! This gives them strength.

Gives who strength? The dark agenda, call them or it what you like.

United We Stand

So you had the jab! That’s your choice do not condemn those who choose other wise.

You must not think some how you are better and saving the world!

No! This is separation from one another! This is the ego and all has no place in a 5th Dimension Earth.

No Duality

Divided We Fall

They want  us to fight amongst one another:-

We create the illusionary world we live in each day!

No! Crazy talk! Think about this! If you start your day positive, loving, full of hope and in a high energy mode, what happens?

See we are in charge of our feelings, choices and so on, let no one tell you other wise.

Divided We Fall

So you chose  not to have the jab! Do not judge those who did!

There is no crusade to conquer those that try to enslave you.

Send them light and love and they will disappear! 

For fear is low vibration and love is the weapon, high vibration.

……Imagine by John Lennon

By ppawd2

Promoting Peace and Well Being Daily

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