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Yin Yang

Yin Yang Two sides of the same coin Two Halves That Make The whole



Yin / Yang: Two halves that together complete wholeness. They are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition, it’s unchanging and complete. So when you split something into two halves – yin/yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. Both halves are chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other.

The word Yin comes out to mean “shady side” and Yang “sunny side”.

The Yin Yang is the concept of duality forming a whole. We encounter examples of Yin and Yang every day. As examples: night (Yin) and day (Yang), female (Yin) and male (Yang). Over thousands of years, quite a bit has been sorted and grouped under various Yin Yang classification systems.

The symbol for Yin Yang is called the Taijitu. Most people just call it the yin yang symbol in the west. The taijitu symbol has been found in more than one culture and over the years has come to represent Taoism.

What Is Important About Yin Yang!

You see because balance is needed even in respiration, which is the most essential activity to sustain life. When it comes to respiration, exhalation is Yang and inhalation is Yin. Therefore, if we exhale more than we inhale or conversely, inhale more than exhale, it will naturally disrupt the balance between the two energies.

One cannot really separate the good from the bad. One cannot label a person as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We are all different shades of grey, in essence, we all have different levels of good and bad in us. Good and bad, order and disorder exist complementarily in nature. We cannot separate them. We must learn to control our emotions. There exist some good and bad in every person. We must learn to use this to our advantage. We have to work in such a way that our ‘yang’, i.e. our good qualities are more prominent than yin, our bad qualities. We have to have control over our bad thoughts and deeds.

It is said that the yin yang concept keeps us grounded and humble. It reminds us of our place in nature; that nobody is superior and nobody is inferior. We are all the same. It also reminds us that humans are fallible and a person can lose all his wealth and fame if he does not control his arrogance and greed.

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