Strength Training To Failure

Bodyweight Exercises

Why do bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises that include a full range of motion so to ensure your joints are moving freely.

This also helps improve body posture and reduce any chance of injury.

Depending on your goal and the exercises you do, body weight training is so very effective when you want to increase flexibility.

The power of Functional training


Why 1

Engaging multiple muscle groups in one movement or exercise


Why 2

Using your own bodyweight and stability


why 3

Strengthening the body to perform better movements that can be adapted in the real world.

whole body work out

Resistance Training as we age - Chest Flys

>>Circuit Bootcamp

Circuit workout works your entire body with cardio, lower body, upper body, and core exercises.

For anyone who wants a challenging workout using their own body weight.

Resistance Training as we age - Shoulder Press

>>Strength Training

Strength Training builds muscle, reduces body fat, improves bone density, boosts flexibility.

Improves posture and balance and much more. Click on heading above.

Resistance Training as we age - Strength Training To Failure

>>Cardio & HIIT

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, cardio workouts are those that use short, all-out bursts of exercise, followed by lower intensity, sometimes active, recovery.

core strength

As we age, we develop degenerative changes, very often in the spine.

The structures of the bones and cartilage are subject to wear and tear. Very often, we are able to completely control and eliminate symptoms with the appropriate core exercises.

Having strong and stable postural muscles helps suspend the bones and other structures, allowing them to move better. Scoliosis, a curving or rotation of the spine, can also often be controlled with the correct postural exercises.

An imbalanced core can lead to problems up and down the body. Knee pain is often caused by insufficient pelvic stabilization.

Some runners develop neck and back pain when running because the “shock absorbers” in their core could use some work.

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