pieces of the puzzle

Pieces of the Puzzle

Let's Connect Together

Pieces of the puzzle connect to form a whole image, picture or the like, but much more.

When you look closely at the pieces of the puzzle what do you see?

Well, firstly how one connects to those close to it, yet one piece is but part of the whole puzzle!

Such as we are part of the whole, source, God or whatever you wish to call it!

Now, notice that if you try to connect a piece in the ‘wrong’ position it just will not fit!

Our frequency, vibration and energy that we emit affects not only us but the whole, that is everything, so as puzzling as all this may seem, we at this time in our history need to work together for the betterment, wellbeing and ascension of all of us.

You know it’s very interesting to take note, say during any given day how many times we judge, condemn and criticize one another! Not only one another but ourselves too!

Think how this affects you, others and the vibrations all around at these times. No, it’s not easy, no one said it would be but we must practice daily in order to raise our consciousness levels.

Finally, love is a high vibration where fear is the lowest of vibrations, so foster your love for all existing things and maybe eventually the final piece of your puzzle will make it’s connection.

Pieces of the puzzle

Connect with those around you who are of a similar mind set, vibration and level of understanding of themselves and the world around them.

There may come a time to drop the so called ‘friends’ and move on, but do it in a loving way.

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