Resistance Training As We Age

At 60
I was in great shape

Resistance Training as We Age

Yes Resistance Training as we age is the fountain of youth!

Clean eating, natural food, no protein powders, no drugs, just consistent training with a good attitude.

It probably was once an ego thing for me to look good, feel good and slow the ‘aging process’ a bit!

Now at 68, well it’s really about mind, body and soul connection. I have no health issues what so ever!

My training is doing half an hour of weight or resistance training and half an hour of swimming most mornings.

I walk in the afternoon when I can about 5 kilometers.

Resistance Training as we age

Resistance Training as we age - Chest Flys

50 +

Always get your doctors okay first!
Start off nice and easy good form is critical.
Full body 3 days per week.
See example of workout

Resistance Training as we age - Shoulder Press

50 +

You have been training for a year or so.
Continue with the consistency.
A split routine may work well at this stage.
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Resistance Training as we age - Strength Training To Failure

50 +

You have now been training for many years and have that consistency down 'pat'. Perhaps one body part per day is good now!
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Age is Only A Number!

Strength Training To Failure

More on Resistance Training As We Age

Factors that affect most elderly:-

1. Bone Density, becomes brittle .
2. Muscle tissue declines.
3. Posture and spine problems.
4. Cognitive functions decline.
5. Mental issues, lack of drive.

Just to name a few.
Final words, if you are over 50 and have health issues especially with your body.
Then start a resistance training program with your doctors permission.
It may just add years and quality to your life!
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