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Home Grown Aways Tasts Better

Pasta and Parsley
Fresh Kale
Fresh Kale

If one can eat some fresh produce from their pots or garden every day, even a small amount this will I guarantee not only make you healthy but your body will thank you for it and perhaps you may not only enjoy your life but even live longer!  It has been said, “Let the food we eat be our medicine and let our medicine be the food we eat”. Try growing your own and be surprised in Body and Mind.

Fresh Mint
Potato in a Pot
Potato in a pot
Salad Greens
Salad Greens
Broccoli in a pot
Broccoli in a Pot
Plate of Pasts
Home Made Pasta Dish

Lovely pasta meal made with lots of ingredients from my garden. I really enjoy mixing beans and sweet potato, onion, capsicums, garlic, mushroom, lots of red tomatoes cut fine and herbs such as sweet basil, bay leaf and pepper, sea salt and olive oil, and a few olives together with a good quality pasta and some great grating cheese on top.

On occasion a nice red wine will really top this meal off!

Lots of colorful foods not only taste good, look appealing but make you you so healthy in mind and body.

Nutrition Sweet Basil
Sweet Basil
Fresh Salmon, Egg and Salad
Fresh Salmon, Egg and Salad
sliced lemon and kiwi in drink
Sliced Lemon and Kiwi

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