Grow Your Own Food 3

Enjoy Home Prepared and Cooked Food Experience

Don’t just grow food. Make it a personal experience. Food should be special, from grown, prepared and enjoyed.

try to grow some food

Welcome to The Garden

Take a some fresh ripe tomatoes from your garden, chop them up fine and together with, garlic, onion, basal leaves, and peppers start to make a great sauce.

So easy to make a good pasta or pizza sauce, you can just experiment and have fun.

At the end of the day fresh, home prepared food is always not only very healthy but tastes so good too.   

Big Ox Heart TomatoesOx Heart TomatoHome grown tastes so good Home grown tastes so good

Fresh Salmon and rice
Fresh Salmon, brown rice together with sweet potato, lima beans, salary, zucchini and fresh cherry tomatoes as a soup.



Ceylon Spinach
Ceylon Spinach
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