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Life Giving Energy In Food

Life Giving Energy is all around us.  Our physical bodies are pure energy! Did you know that? Perhaps most do know or realize that!

Well, every thing above us, beneath us, within and without us is also pure energy!

The foods, vegetables, fruits, plants, herbs and the like that are grown unmodified and organic contain real power of energy that is so beneficial to our bodies and beings.

When you eat such pure foods, your cells scream with delight and keep you not only in balance but over time, healthy and disease free.

However, not only energy of food is imparted to us upon eating it but also the enzymes that our many cells require to maintain health and well being.

The reverse is also true as you can imagine when ingesting foods that have negative or polluted energy our health over time declines and hence we suffer the many diseases that humanity has over eons.

This post is not about telling anyone what to eat or not eat it’s just about my perspective over my life time and as I head into my 70’s and I have no health problems what so ever, I attribute it to not only my eating habits but to my beliefs and lifestyle and as this is my web site and I create what I like, hence here is this post!

Home grown color organic gardening

Life is Energy - Energy Gives Life

It's all about what we perceive and what we believe or have been lead to believe!
It's all about the respect that we have for everything, and everyone.
Everyone has a choice, always, free will, let no one tell you otherwise.
It's up to each and everyone of us to make up our own minds and the path we wish to travel.

This video is directed at children but is so applicable to us so called aduts too.

By ppawd2

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