Food & ExerciseFood & Exercise

Food & Exercise

Full Health conditioning

The food we eat, the exercise we regularily do go hand in hand for our physical, mental and spiritual conditioning.

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Vegetables are a must for health.



Train the body frequently.


Good Quality

Daily have fresh quality protein.

Fruit -Nuts

Also seeds etc.,

Some fruit, nuts, seeds daily.

Food = Nutrition

The food that we consume daily will determine the amount of nutrition our body receives.

It is imperative that we supply our bodies all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins and good quality fats.

Exercise = Health

Move your body, keep the muscles and bone density strong.

Any form of consistent exercise will keep your body in good shape and healthy. Walking, swimming, circuits, weights, cycling, rowing just to name a few.

Food & Exercise - The Connection

Exercise impacts what our body does with the food we eat and how those foods may effect us. 

For example, our body won’t use the protein we consume to feed our muscles for growth if those muscles are not being exercised; there needs to be a need for a feed

Undoubtedly, if you’re dieting and not exercising you’re more than likely to be losing muscle mass and will struggle to lose fat mass. 

We know loss of muscle mass reduces metabolic rate; meaning weight loss or even just maintaining weight may become a struggle.

Diet and exercise work together when it comes to building muscle. Exercise stimulates your muscles and promotes muscle protein synthesis

Eating protein immediately after your workout, whether it’s an aerobic or a strength-training workout, helps repair and replenish your muscles, and promotes muscle growth.

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